Reorganize your Kitchen, Sunroom, Dinning Room
  Why can’t I just do it myself? Answer
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  Reorganize your Kitchen
  Small STEPS Toward Organization...
  1. Schedule time to organize and make it a top priority.
  2. Choose a project, break it down into small pieces, and focus on one piece at a time.
  3. Collect tools and supplies – file folders, sticky notes, pen and paper, markers, garbage cans, trash bags, boxes, etc.
  4. Create a suitable work area, with room to spread out.
  5. Begin going through items, keeping what is valuable or useful. Purge unwanted items by throwing away, giving away, or recycling.
  6. Put the items you keep into groups and categories.
  7. Measure your space and determine the best place for the items to be stored.
  8. Shop for containers, bins, shelving, racks, etc.
  9. Install storage products and put items where they belong.
  10. Maintain and revise organizing systems as needed.
  A Little Extra...

Heard of the 80/20 Rule?
In almost every area of life, the 80/20 Rule applies.  Basically it says that about 20% of our belongings or assets are vital, and about 80% are not so vital.  So we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, with the other 80% taking up space in our closets and drawers.  At work we use 20% of our data and resources 80% of the time, with the other 80% often amounting to noise and clutter.  Wouldn’t our lives be more comfortable, efficient, and peaceful if we focused on the 20% that really matters?  Getting organized can help us do that!

How much is your space worth?
Let’s say you own your 1,800 square foot home and the current market value is about $360,000, or $200 per square foot.  (You do the math so the example makes sense in your market.)  Now let’s say that one of your ‘spare’ bedrooms (10 X 12) is completely useless because it’s packed with clutter.  That room represents a $24,000 storage room.  Doesn’t it make sense to eliminate the clutter and enjoy using the space?  And the same principle applies to your business address or office space.

How valuable is your time?
We all know that time is a precious commodity and can’t be stored or replaced.  But did you know that busy executives waste at least six weeks every year searching for lost documents, and homeowners lose the same amount of time looking for lost items like keys and glasses and tools?  Reducing clutter and living an organized life can save us time to spend on more important things.

Seek peace and pursue it.
Psalm 34:14
National Association of Professional Organizers
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